We Are BusinessTeacher

We are a group of educators dedicated to helping you and your business succeed.

We build a strong foundations for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge in areas such as marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, management and international business. We will prepare you to join the world of business with self-assurance and expertise.

Our Services

High-level Motivation


To improve and expand your knowledge of business, of lectures which may be learned from their performance and application of learned hypothesis. Providing high-level motivation to study further. Motivating staff could be as simple as installing digital signage solutions around the office, which contain inspirational quotes. 

Presentations Skills


Learning about various business structures and modules while exploring the subject of business person and transformation. Making a business demonstration of your impression and understanding through our writing practice and video marketing

Developing New Techniques


Going through practice to write a business plan, debate successfully in business and handle leading business functions such as marketing, human resource, and finance. Examining financial declaration and determining different techniques for handling changes in the business.

Learning the Language of Business


Obtaining the language of business going through a wide range of business themes from establishing a business to human resource and marketing. By joining in a variety of trips and visits to local businesses.

Frequently asked questions

What is the mission of the CEO William Franklin company?

We are trying to promote knowledge and expertise as a contribution to UK businesses. This way, they can grow and rise to local and national levels as well as on international level. Our program provides such education which is in correspondence with other businesses, corporations, and partnerships resulting with much better understanding of our student's preferences.

How to dispose of sensitive information?

There comes a time in every business, when the need arises to securely dispose of documents that are no longer required.  In this case, we would recommend using the services of a secure shredding company, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your documents are being correctly destroyed, so you can continue to run your business. 

What is your approach to financial part of business education?

We believe that education is the key to profit. We were recently contacted by a small startup that was unsure how to best used the money invested in them. We put them in contact with an accountant in Milton Keynes who was able to analyse their company's finances and provide a fiscal forecast. With this valuable information, the company went on to make an impressive profit in their first year of business, setting them up for a lifetime of business success. 

What are career areas after your education programme?

Popular areas of employment cover marketing, finance, business and human resources also as careers in consulting. There are also other areas to consider like advertising, trading, bank management, market research, teaching, retail management, and sales. But strongest requests are in financial and business areas where you also get the fastest promotion and possibility to develop.

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